Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Introduction of Blogger

Urban Heat Island is expected to pose increasing challenges for cities in the following decades, placing greater stress and impacts on multiple social and biophysical systems, including population health, social comfort, urban infrastructure, energy demand and water supplies. One of the great challenges facing our current generation of scientists and engineers is how to mitigate the harmful effects of urban heat island and make the sustainable cities. Negative impacts of UHI affect so many people in so many way. UHIs do not just cause a bit of additional, minor discomfort. Their higher temperatures, lack of shade and role in increasing air pollution have serious effects on human mortality and disease. They waste money by increasing the need for energy consumption, for building and infrastructure maintenance, for the management of storm water run-off and for the disposal of waste. In addition, the barren construction techniques that foster UHIs tend to be unattractive, unappealing and unhealthy for urban flora and fauna.Therefore, the benefits of mitigation of UHIs are very large. 
The major aim of this blog is to introduce the negative impacts of UHIs for those who do not know about this huge matter and its effects on urban areas. So, this hopefully might be one step forward solving this matter and inform people about the depth of disaster.  
I would really appreciate it if anybody knows any new information about UHI please let us know about that.
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  1. sallam
    worood be doyae weblognevisan ra Tabrik migoyam.

  2. Interestingly we were talking about UHI today...
    Goodluck with your new weblog and challenging subject.

  3. How great is that.. actually it is the most important matter in our cities and should be solved...thanks for visiting my web-blog and hope I can share my findings with you and how wants to know about this huge matter...
    thanks again