Saturday, October 23, 2010

European Journal of Scientific Research

Mitigating the Urban Heat Island Effect: Some Points without Altering Existing City Planning

A.I. Che-Ani, P. Shahmohamadi, A. Sairi, M.F.I. MOH-NOR

Urban Heat Island is expected to pose increasing challenges for cities in the following decades, placing greater stress and impacts on multiple social and biophysical systems, including population health, social comfort, urban infrastructure, energy demand and water supplies. One of the great challenges facing our current generation of scientists and engineers is how to mitigate the harmful effects of urban heat island and make the sustainable cities. In the first step, the root cause of problems and the effects of urban heat island must be recognized. And then by considering the effects of UHI on all aspects of urban environment is started thinking about the mitigation of UHI. This paper therefore, is focused on understanding the main roots of UHI problems on urban environment with an emphasis on the recognition of the effects of UHI. To achieve this aim, this article review current knowledge about the urban heat island to understand urban climate, urban climate scales and the harmful effects of UHI, including human health, patterns of human settlement, energy use, transportation, industry, environmental quality, and other aspects of infrastructure that effect our quality of life, and then classify these effects, make some recommendations for preventive action and provide quality of life and sustainability in city.
Keywords: Livable city, Quality of Life, Urban Heat Island.

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