Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Achieving Energy Consumption Balance in Kuala Lumpur Shophouses by Mitigating Urban Heat Island Effects: Focusing on Anthropogenic Heat Factor

P. Shahmohamadi, A.I. Che-Ani, K.N.A. Maulud, N.M. Tawil, N.A.G. Abdullah
Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia


Production of anthropogenic heat and using energy for cooling systems, lighting and etc. led to have serious impacts on the thermal environmental quality such as quality of the air, increase in temperature, energy consumption and finally the formation of UHI. Shophouses represent important land uses in Kuala Lumpur since many years ago, which influence the resulting thermal environment including the formation of urban heat island (UHI). This paper investigates the impact of anthropogenic heat on formation of urban heat island and increasing energy consumption. It explores literally the conceptual framework of confliction between anthropogenic heat and urban structure, which produce UHI intensity and affected energy consumption balance. It is then discussed how these two factors can be affected and gives implication to the city and then, focuses on whether actions should be taken for balancing adaptation and mitigation UHI effects. It will be concluded by making the important strategies to minimize the impact of UHI on energy consumption.

Key Words: Energy Consumption Balance, Kuala Lumpur, Shophouses, Urban Heat Island.

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