Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture, USA

Conflict between Population and Urbanization Factors: Impact of Urban Heat Island on Energy Consumption Balance
Parisa Shahmohamadi, Che-Ani A.I., Iraj Etessam, Khairul Nizam Abdul Maulud, M.F.I. Mohd-Nor

High density of buildings and population in urban areas increases urban temperature, generally known as the urban heat island. Raised temperature, especially in summer, turns city centers into unwelcome hot areas, with direct effects on electricity demand and energy consumption for cooling buildings and increases the production of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. Therefore, by considering that the energy consumption in the world has been faced with intense crisis, it becomes increasingly important to study the effects of urban heat island on energy consumption in order to improve people’s environment and decrease energy use in cities. This paper, therefore, is focused on urbanization and population size factors to understand the influence way of these factors on formation of UHI and energy consumption balance. To achieve this aim, this paper explores literally the conceptual framework of conflict ion between population and urban structure, which produce UHI intensity and affected energy consumption balance. It is then discussed how these two factors can be affected and give implication to the city, and then, focuses on whether actions should be taken for balancing adaptation and mitigation UHI effects. It will be concluded by making the recommendations for preventive action and provide quality of life.

Keywords: Energy Consumption Balance, Urban Construction, Urban Heat island, Urban Population

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